How to do a breast self-exam

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Do the check regularly, at least once a month. If you feel any change, contact your physician.


In the shower

Lather the breast with soap and lift your left arm.Use your right hand and feel through every part of the breast with your finger tips. It should feel as it did the last time. Examine the other breast in the same way.


In front of the mirror

Let your arms hang by the sides of your body. Look at the breast for areas that are creased or wrinkled, if there are dimples or changes in the skin. Place your hands behind your neck and check to see if there are any differences in the form or contour of the breast.


In bed

Lezi na ledja i stavi jastuk ispod levog ramena. Namesti levu ruka iza glave. Koristi desnu ruka da opipas levu dojku. Pokreci vrhove prstiju u malim krugovima i opipavaj dojku od periferije ka bradavici. Tako pregledaj i drugu dojku.


On a bench/worktop

Lie on your back and put a cushion under your left shoulder. Place your left arm behind your head. Use your right hand to feel through the left breast. Start with the outer area and feel through the entire breast, by moving the fingertips in small circular movements inwards towards the nipple. Repeat the procedure on the other breast.